We are currently seeking a naming partner for the 2024 Tyers Art Festival. Please contact us to register your interest.  

2nd weekend in November

2020 Winners

The Tyers Art Festival Features regional artists from across Victoria

We're pleased to showcase the winners from the 2020 online exhibition....

Sustenance After the Fire by Rhonda Grey (Oils)

Tyers Award - Best Online Exhibit (Other than Designer Craft)

Layers by Taylor McGregor (Designer Craft)

Best Online Exhibit (Designer Craft)

Sailing in Stormy Seas by Halina Taig (Acrylic)

Encouragement Award

Snow Gum Tango by Marilyn Close (Acrylic)

Encouragement Award

Paper Bark by Donna Mitchell (Mixed Medium)

Encouragement Award

Evening Flight by Karen Rosato (Drawing)

Encouragement Award

Majesty by Sandra Edwards (Drawing)

Encouragement Award

Into the Infinite by Alisha Gartland (Oil)

Popular Choice Award